SWCOLT 2020 has ended

March 14, 2020 Conference Update – Conference Cancelled


It is with very deep regret that we must announce that the 2020 SWCOLT/CLTA conference on April 2-5, 2020 in Anaheim, CA has been cancelled due to the current situation with COVID-19. Although we had hoped to continue with the conference as previously planned, events this week have forced the SWCOLT Board to reconsider. Many teachers, presenters, and exhibitors are unable to attend due to institutional and state travel bans, and we do not want to risk spreading or exposing anyone to the Coronavirus. The health and safety of all attendees is our top priority. This is an unprecedented situation which none of us could have predicted.
The Board of Directors of SWCOLT appreciates the hard work and dedication that have been put into planning for this conference. Our CLTA partners have been wonderful to work with, and we know that our workshop and session presenters have put great deal of time and effort into their preparations.
We are appreciative of the generosity and support of our exhibitors and sponsors. We will post the SWCOLT/CLTA 2020 program and ads on the SWCOLT website, and the Sched conference site will remain live so that everyone can access information regarding the products and services that are available.
SWCOLT will honor refund requests through Sunday, March 29, 2020. Please understand that the refund process is a complex undertaking, and it will require some time to work through all of the details. We ask that you consider donating your registration fee to SWCOLT to help offset the financial impact to the organization. In addition, if you have made a reservation at the Disneyland Hotel or the Paradise Pier Hotel, you will need to cancel your room reservation.
Thank you for understanding the complexities of this situation and for your support of SWCOLT and CLTA. We hope that you will make plans attend the SWCOLT 2021 conference in Reno, Nevada on March 25-27, 2021 to be held in conjunction with the Professional Language Association of Nevada (PLAN).
Jody Klopp, SWCOLT Executive Director
Susan Dworaczyk, SWCOLT 2020 President

Updates on refunds for cancellation of SWCOLT due to Covid-19 - April 25, 2020

The deadline has passed to receive a full refund for SWCOLT/CLTA 2020 that was to be held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California on April 2-5. We will still offer a 50% refund until May 10. No refunds will be given after May 10, 2020.

If your district paid for your SWCOLT/CLTA registration, please contact your administrative office and alert them of the May 10 deadline.

If you have not already requested a refund, we ask that you consider donating your registration fee to SWCOLT to help offset the financial impact to the SWCOLT organization.
All registrants who do not request a refund will be listed as 2020 members of SWCOLT and will have access to our 2020 series of webinars.
For partial refund requests, contact us at jodyklopp@swcolt.org
Please visit https://www.swcolt.org to view the SWCOLT/CLTA 2020 printed program and the SCHED conference agenda for information about our presenters, award and scholarship winners, exhibitors, sponsors, and advertisers.
Thank you for understanding the difficulties of this situation, and for your support of SWCOLT.
Jody Klopp
SWCOLT Executive Director

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Saturday, April 4

7:00am AKDT

8:00am AKDT

Art, Authentic Resources, and Activity in the Spanish Classroom Amazon - Adventure TowerRich Sayers Engaging Your Students and Developing Professionally: SHH & AATSP Castle C - Fantasy TowerSheri Spaine Long • Kelly Scheetz Flipped Classroom: Un nuevo enfoque en nuestras clases Western-Frontier TowerMónica Comas Road Map to Creating a Successful Exchange Program Castle A - Fantasy TowerAlondra Velez • Katlin Considine Teaching and Promoting French in the 21st Century Columbia - Frontier TowerJayne Abrate Using Stories to Build Vocabulary, Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing Proficiency Monorail B Fantasy TowerCynthia Harrison Barbera Best of H.A.L.T. - DIY, How to Thrive as a WL Department through Shared Vision and Goals Wilderness - Frontier TowerWill Smith • Kevin Sledge • Rachelle Funtanilla • Diana Cristina Williams Building Speaking and Listening Skills in the WL Classroom Castle B - Fantasy TowerAnita Gandhi CAJLT Annual meeting Outpost - Adventure TowerAtsuko Kiuchi Learn to Speak and Teach German through Total Immersion Summer Program at Portland State University Congo - Adventure TowerBarrington (Barry) Hunt Making the Grade: Proficiency-Based Grading Monorail A - Fantasy TowerCristin Bleess NOVELAS EN ESPANOL: Read with Ease, Comprehension, and Joy! Mississippi - Frontier TowerSusanna Janssen Pre-Teaching Vocabulary: Setting Students Up for Success Adventure - Adventure TowerMira Canion See the Magic of a Highly Communicative Classroom in Action! Part 1 Mark Twain - Frontier TowerAlina Filipescu • Jason Fritze Teaching ASL as a Heritage Language Nile - Adventure TowerJoy Maisel The NNELL Networking Session for Educators PreK-8 Monorail C - Fantasy TowerJackie Skelton ‘Interactivities’: Turning Ordinary Activities into Communicative Events Safari - Adventure TowerFluency Matters Exhibits Open Magic Kingdom Ballroom - Fantasy Tower

9:15am AKDT

The Power of Data-Driven Teaching Amazon - Adventure Tower Von „A 0“ bis zur Studierfähigkeit - altersgerechte DaF-Lehrwerke für alle Ansprüche Congo - Adventure TowerMarje Zschiesche-Stock Best of California: Social Justice in World Languages Classroom Wilderness - Frontier TowerHelene Chan • Yolanda Mercado Best of Nevada: Changing Your Grading Practices to Ensure Fairness, Reliability, and Equity Castle B - Fantasy TowerMelissa Carson Best of Utah: Two Teachers in One: Creating Fun and Easy Videos to Target Specific Language Structures Western-Frontier TowerJessica Bell’Aver • Priscila Prestes Comprehensible Input 101 Monorail B Fantasy TowerTehui (Ruth) Chou Develop Oral Proficiency and Cultural Awareness through Songs Outpost - Adventure TowerRossella Pescatori Maximizing Input with the Super 7 and Sweet 16. Safari - Adventure TowerScott Benedict Motivating Novice Learners for High-levels of Proficiency Castle C - Fantasy TowerMaggie Chen Poverty and Effects on Education Castle A - Fantasy TowerTom Beeman • Tadeo Spencer Proficiency-Based Centers in the K-8 World Language Classroom Monorail C - Fantasy TowerBetsy Basom • Marissa Coulehan Reading and Vocabulary: Moving Beyond the Novice Level Columbia - Frontier TowerPaul Chandler See the Magic of a Highly Communicative Classroom in Action! Part 2 Mark Twain - Frontier TowerAlina Filipescu • Jason Fritze The Importance of Teaching 5 Parameters to Beginning ASL Students Online Nile - Adventure TowerMissy Keast “Focusing of the Task Not the Text”: Peer Editing Emails and Persuasive Essays Monorail A - Fantasy TowerNancy Perez 7 Strategies to Engage, Empower & Build Proficiency in Language Learners Adventure - Adventure Tower Beyond the Textbook: Animated Silent Short Films in the Language Classroom Adventure - Adventure TowerJuliana Suby Pathway for Obtaining California World Language Teaching Credential Adventure - Adventure TowerPeggy Kao

10:15am AKDT

10:45am AKDT

11:15am AKDT

1:00pm AKDT

2:15pm AKDT

No language left behind! Preserving Language and Culture Diversity in the Classroom! Outpost - Adventure TowerMarie Bertola • Amelia Nevis Classroom in Motion: Empowering Students to Use the Language Monorail C - Fantasy TowerOrganic World Language Creative Instructional Strategies:Tips and Tricks for Classroom Management for the WL Teacher Castle B - Fantasy TowerCari Saint-Denis • Cari Saint-Denis Get the Conversation Started: Interpersonal Communication at the Novice Level Wilderness - Frontier TowerElizabeth Roberts Kantu Inka: Andean Peruvian Culture with Traditional Instruments and Music Columbia - Frontier TowerKantu Inka • Carlos Ocampo Engaging Intermediate Learners for Presentational Communication Monorail B Fantasy Tower Enhancing Proficient Instruction for Proficient Learner at 21st Century Mark Twain - Frontier TowerKueilan Chen Get Them Ready for the Advanced Placement Level from the Novice Level and Beyond! Amazon - Adventure TowerAndrea Ford • Carolyn Sue Swaney Integrating French for Specific Purposes (Business and Legal French) into your Curriculum Mississippi - Frontier TowerAtiyeh Showrai Networking Session for German Teachers Congo - Adventure TowerAATG Rebeldes y revolucionarios Monorail A - Fantasy TowerJamie Fisher-Vargas Supporting Learners Along Pathways to the Seal of Biliteracy and Beyond Nile - Adventure TowerBridget Yaden Teaching Chinese Characters in an Interactive and Communicative Manner Castle C - Fantasy TowerCrystal Hsiao The CA WL Framework: Adoption Process and Key Instructional Shifts Safari - Adventure TowerTonja Byrom The Lost Ark: The Beauty of the Native Language Western-Frontier TowerLinda Lambrecht Undoing the Infamous “Movies in Class Bad Rap”: Short Film Applications in the Language Classroom Castle A - Fantasy TowerDiego Batista Engaging Millennials & GenZ Students in Language Learning Adventure - Adventure TowerImelda Gasmen It’s Game Time! Developing Interpersonal Speaking with Games Adventure - Adventure TowerMariana Bahtchevanova Jenga in So Many Ways Adventure - Adventure TowerJennifer Newman-Cornell

3:15pm AKDT

4:00pm AKDT

A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Language: A Journey of What I Have Been Taught and How I Teach Outpost - Adventure TowerVijay Advani Action Research-How Will Using Radicals and Association of Ideas Improve Student Learning of Chinese Characters Mark Twain - Frontier TowerChi-Ping Shih • Cong-Kai Jin Add On Magic to Empower Students' Authentic Cultural Experiences Monorail B Fantasy TowerChung Chou And Justice For All: Keeping the "Just" in Social Justice Castle C - Fantasy TowerMelisa Lopez Authentic Assessments: How to Really Grade Reading Comprehension Monorail A - Fantasy TowerMira Canion Best of Oklahoma: How to Teach a Novel: Backward Planning, Assessments, Culture and More Wilderness - Frontier TowerDarcy Pippins Best of Texas Capturing Authenticity: Purposeful Activities for Every Level Western-Frontier TowerSally Barnes Building Cultural Competence: Supporting Study Abroad Nile - Adventure TowerElizabeth Matchett Everybody Stand Up: creating engaging activities that get students out of their seats Castle B - Fantasy TowerJonathan Fall Flipped Classroom Methodology in Language Learning Castle A - Fantasy TowerJohn Kaninya • Fawzi Khoshaba Fun Activities For The FLES Classroom Monorail C - Fantasy TowerJackie Skelton Fun with Functional Chunks Mississippi - Frontier TowerLynn Johnston LILL Meet-UP (Invitation ONLY) Amazon - Adventure TowerLYANNE TERADA Seal of Biliteracy Language Credentials - Don't Leave Home Without Them Columbia - Frontier TowerLinda Egnatz Student Motivation for Enrolling in High School German Congo - Adventure TowerMelinda Wells • Teresa Bell The Integrated Performance Assessment is WAY More than Just a Test Safari - Adventure TowerCarolyn Sue Swaney • Andrea Ford Course and Course Content Organization to Increase Student Satisfaction Adventure - Adventure TowerJessica Bryan Maintaining a Communicative Language Teaching Approach in Online Courses Adventure - Adventure TowerRaquel Prieta • Jamile Forcelini Using Music Videos to Teach Multiple Literacies Adventure - Adventure TowerKate Nelson

5:15pm AKDT

100% Engagement Activities--Integrating 3 Communicative Modes Castle B - Fantasy TowerNgan Ta • Megumi Shibamiya Acquisition Gone Viral Adventure - Adventure TowerFluency Matters Best of Colorado One Word Images: From Class-Created Characters to Engaging Stories in a CI Classroom Wilderness - Frontier TowerTaylor Roholt Best of New Mexico: Tooling Up to the 5 Cs: Communities Western-Frontier TowerMarisa Carrillo But Can They Do It Without Me? Effectively Implementing the Gradual Release of Responsibility Amazon - Adventure TowerGreta Lundgaard Get Generation Z Students Speaking More in the Japanese Classroom! Outpost - Adventure TowerKumiko Sakamoto/Yoriko Hongo • Kumiko Sakamoto iCan Integrate Social Media: Communicative Tasks for All Three Modes! Mississippi - Frontier TowerCatherine Ousselin It’s all about the task: Using authentic language resources with all learners Columbia - Frontier TowerJanet Boring Learner-Friendly Feedback for Novice to Intermediate Level Speakers and Writers Castle A - Fantasy TowerT J Troche No Turning Back: New Pathways to Proficiency and Inclusion Monorail A - Fantasy TowerKen Stewart Preview of the new World Languages Framework: Tools to make the Standards come alive in your class! (The California World Languages Framework is scheduled to be adopted by the State Board of Education in July of... Nile - Adventure TowerMargaret Peterson • Elizabeth Matchett So You Want to Develop an Online Heritage Language Course? Monorail B Fantasy TowerLiz Rangel Arriola Sustained Silent Reading ‘SSR’ in 2nd Language Acquisition: Classroom Experiences and Accountability Monorail C - Fantasy TowerDiana Cristina Williams Useful technology tools to cast magic for your Chinese teaching Mark Twain - Frontier TowerChung Chou Ways to Create Interactive ASL Learning Activities Online Congo - Adventure TowerLarry Umberger

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